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TV segment.. When is your makeup to old to use??

Putting the MAN in manicures!!

Putting the MAN in manicures
Women defiantly rule the beauty market but a small percent is creeping in for the Masculine Men care lines for hair, skin and even nails.

Salons and barber shops are jumping on the trend by putting “guy friendly” items like Giant TV’s with sports on and pool tables and even small putting greens in the waiting areas. How cool is that!
Its up to us as women to powerfully suggest to our Dates, Mates and Dads… They need to step it up in the grooming department.

Let’s break it down to a couple areas:

Hair, Nails & Hands, Skin and grooming (waxing, tweezing, trimming, shaving)


I’m sorry guys but the good old days of when a guys masculinity could be shown by their wear and tear of their hands are gone. BYE BYE. One of the biggest turnoffs in terms of grooming would be dirty, ragged nails and disgusting cuticles on a guy.

Manicures are no longer branded as a girlie girl beauty treatment. They are relaxing and considered a stress releaser that just gives you that nice polished look. Men are going the extra mile to look polished and well groomed.

Spas have menu items for men and men are filling up 29% of all the spa biz these days, with manicures, pedicures and massages.

If you are shy and don’t want to make an appointment for a mani/pedi you can do it at home. Here is what you need:
Nail clipper – clip them close to finger, skin line
Nail file – file them back and fourth for a nice clean edge
Cuticle Stick – Push back the cuticle, after you a shower or a quick hand soaked in soapy water Remember never push a dry cuticle and never cut a wet one..
Cuticle nipper – after you dry off the nail, trim excess cuticle. This will help cut down on hang nails and snagged skin around the nail.
Nail brush – Used to clean under and around nail – you can keep this in the shower. Multi tasking is always good.

7 reasons for a Man to get a MANICURE OR PEDICURE

1. Softer skin – makes the touch softer and sweeter
2. Sexy Factor – taking pride in your appearance is sexy and taking the extra time is a turn on
3. It just feels awesome.
4. Its relaxing.  Downtime is healthy for the heart and soul
5. Looks clean.  Regular hand and nail care keeps them looking their best.
6. Good for your skin. During treatments the dead skin is exfoliated away and the cuticles are cleaned up and it even cuts down on hang nails.

Men don’t want to be feminized so don’t force them to use your passion fruit scented skin cream. Buy them a line that is designed for them.  Men have a very basic routine: deodorant, soap, shampoo. Introduce one product at a time. Men don’t want to be bothered by what lotion goes where, so don’t overwhelm them.

70% of all men products are purchased by women.

Kiel’s makes a great men’s line for skincare. Its simple and to the point. Easy creams and even a lip balm. Remind them how much you love soft lips and lip balm is not lipstick. Lubriderm is a great multipurpose product.

Hair care for Men
Redken makes a great men’s hair care line with names they can relate to such as: Chill, Cool, Bulkup, Workhard, Outplay, Clean up.
Guy’s hair style is very relaxed these days. They use products such as wax, styling creams and pomades.

Manscaping or grooming
According to a survey 95% of men do some sort of manscaping! Trimming, shaving, waxing.

Here is a quick guide into facial grooming. Nose clippers or trimmers are a must. They sell these everywhere now. If they are long enough to see. Please trim them.

Brows. Its called eye brows (plural) not eyebrow… clip, groom or wax.  Make sure to brush them upwards and trim any long stragglers daily.

Ears. When you are getting a haircut is a good time to ask to trim them. Hair grows all around them, in them, just please trim them.

All and all, they are men. I am not trying to girlie them up, I am just trying to give them a guide to help them out. Smooth them out and shape them up by giving them a couple options that they might actually enjoy the benefits.

To wrap it up… I would introduce one product at a time. gradually bring in another. Find ones with multipurpose use. And be patient.

Winterizing your beauty routine

New Year New You… Winterizing your beauty regimen!

Winter is really rough on your hair, nails, and skin. Here re some quick tips and products I love to help thru the winter months. A lot of people dread winter – I think of it as a time to prep your skin for the new spring looks.

I like to break it down into what you should be doing daily, and weekly.

Use a sunscreen. Spf 30 at least the sun is still really harsh in the winter it bounces out the snow and you can still get some intense rays of unwanted sun even in the winter.
Use a cuticle oil. Cuticle get really dry from washing hands and coming in and out of cold weather. If you apply olive oil to them once nightly it makes them less likely to crack.


Once a week I heat some olive oil  and just soak the tips of my fingers and cuticles in it then put on gloves and sleep in them.
Get a thick hand cream. Aveda makes a great “greaseless” hand cream. Apply after every hand washing. And once a week apply really thick and put on the gloves treatment.
Deep condition your hair – once a week I like to use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree scalp treatment is my favorite for this time of year. It adds moisture and revives dull hair and scalp issues that we see when the furnace kicks on.

*Drink a lot of water

* keep your blood moving – workout or walk

*Do facials either at home or find a wonderful skin care guru  and get on track with a beauty regimen. I love at home facials too… (see recipes below)

Lots of fun looks ahead for spring.. We are going to see Youthful dewy skin with soft flush cheeks.  Twinkle eyes & lips.  Sunny peachy cheeks and metallic accents.  So get your skin in shape for a super sunny spring. Beautiful skin is always in.

Homemade Spa Masks

Everyone should take care of their skin.  I suggest getting facials at home or find a wonderful facial enthusiast and get you skin back on track. At home spa is really fun to do with your friends. I like to buy all the ingredients, put out some towels, bowls and spoons and recipes out and let everyone enjoy the masks. I do have a couple favorites. The oatmeal/ yogurt scrub. The Green tea and frozen peas is great for de-puffing your eyes. I use this one often. Well I hope you give one a try and enjoy.



Great Green Tea Eye De-Puffer

Frozen Green Peas

green Tea bags

Steep a green tea bag in water.  Strain any water from bag. Make sure they are luke-warm and not too hot . Place over puffy part of under eye for 3 minutes. Then Place frozen peas in a ziploc  over puffy area.  Now enjoy your tea.


Milk and Honey Mask
Milk and honey make baked goods firm, soft and shiny. They do the same for your skin. When your face is feeling dull do this one…

1 egg white
1tablespoon honey
3 tablespoon powdered milk
Apply to face, avoid your eyes. Relax for 15minutes. Rinse off with warm water

Greek Goddess Mask
In Greece, lemon and eggs make a delicious soup called avgolemono. They also make a great facial mask for oily skin…

1 egg white
Juice of ½ lemon, strained
Mix together, apply to face avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 15 mins, Rinse with warm water.

Remember wash with warm finish with cold water splash to close all pores……

Breakfast for your face
This gentle exfoliating mask is just what you need for taking off dead skin.

2 tablespoons rolled oats
2 tablespoons plain yogurt
2 teaspoons honey
Mix, apply to face avoid eye area, rub lightly in an upward circular motion. Rinse well.

Homemade toner for skin and eyes
Soothe and smooth your skin your skin with this homemade toner…

½ ripe avocado, peeled
2 slices cucumber
Mash avacado well and apply to face, avoid eyes. Lie back, close your eyes, place slice of cumber over each eyelid. Breathe deeply and think of a tropical island. Relax for 15 min. Rinse.

A Nighttime steam treatment ..
2 cups water
2 hearbal tea bags (use peppermint for oily skin and chamomile for dry skin
Bring water to a poil in a saucepan. Add teabags, Reduce heat to a simmer for five minutes. Remove pan from stove. Pour contents into a heatproof bowl. Put your face 12 inches away from steam drape a towel over your head to create a steam tent. Stay in your tent until you feel good and relaxed and your skin feels dewy. Rinse your face with COOL water and pat dry….


Polish that beautiful skin with a pearly salt scrub…This is a great homemade mix for your hands, feet, elbows, knees or heels of your feet…..

Salt scrub
¼ cup coarse sea salt
¼ cup baby oil – unscented or light olive oil
½ teaspoon vanilla or almond extract
Mix together until the salt is completely coated with oil. Scrub on area (never face) your can scrub with a soft brush or a washcloth. Gently massage skin then rinse off….

Strawberry foot scrub…Fruit acids soften calluses and rough skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and supple.

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons coarse salt
8 fresh strawberries
Mash everything together with a fork until the mixture is blended but still somewhat chunky.Rub the mix on your feet with your foot brush or your hands. Work it in circles on your heels, ankles and up your calf. Rinse off and tap dry rub some lotion  or oil (follow recipe below ) on and put warm fuzzy socks on for 10 minutes…

Hand and foot oil treatment
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 plastic bags
2 drops of almond extract
After your exfoliate, rinse,
Mix oil, and extract together. Microwave oil in a small dish for a few seconds. Just slightly warm, not hot..
Rub oil on hands or feet or both. Put hands or feet in small plastic baggies with oil on them. Heat up damp towel in microwave wrap around baggies veg out for five minutes. Rinse off oil, pat dry. Lotion and put into warm fuzzy socks…

Be Party Ready This Holiday Season

Here are a few tips I would love to pass along on how to be party ready and how to stay looking fresh all night long. First think staying power when it comes to your look.

*Use a primer under your eye shadow. Mac and Urban Decay both have awesome products for that.

*Don’t skip the foundation, not only does it even out your skin it also adds a polished look to your face.

*Please don’t match your makeup to your outfit. This is a Super NO NO. Its way too tacky to do a matchy matchy with your makeup. Nothing screams “I just bought this for this party like matchy matchy” If you are wearing a loud dress or crazy patterned shirt, keep your makeup neutral. If you are opting for a black simple dress, feel free to glitz it up or wear a holiday red lip.

*If black is too dark for you and you want to go with a smokey eye look, try a light purple or grey.

*Don’t go overboard with shimmer. I know its the holidays and you get a glitter pass but please limit it to two places only.

*Pick one feature, eyes or lips don’t do both at once or you will look like a crazy clown. If you are doing a smokey eye stick to a nude glossy lip. If you are doing a daring red lip stick to neutral eyes.

*Don’t be tempted to go out and get those long, dagger fake tips for that holiday party you have been looking forward to all year. Short, kept, well groomed nails are more chic and more manageable after the party. Don’t skip your piggy’s if you do your fingers do the toes, even if you are wearing closed toes, you will feel more put together. I always opt for dark short nail. Lincoln park after dark by OPI is my all time FAVORITE polish. Make sure to wear a clear top coat over painted nails. They will rub off on your car door and cabinets (like I have found out on my white car).

Things to bring in your bag: Wisps for your teeth, Blot film if you are oily I would stay away from powder it will end up cake-like over the course of the event. Evian water spray mist if your dry to keep you looking dewy and fresh. Lipstick or gloss. My all time favorite touch up..SMASHBOX Halo Highlighting Wand  it is a highlighter that gives you an instant face lift and pull the whole face up in one swipe. I use it under my eyes, around my nose and chin and under my lipstick as a base. I absolutely love this product. A must have.

Remember you want your makeup to stay all night so you can enjoy your self and not worry about how your makeup is holding up. Take these steps to make sure all you worry about is having fun. Happy Holiday

Last Minute Halloween Tips and Tricks that make all the difference

False Lashes, every look is complete with a set of these babies. Apply them with a thin layer of duo glue. Cut them to custom fit your eye. You could really impress them when you put on top and bottom lashes to pull the look together.

Make the most of your “Free” makeup. Everyone gets those free gift with purchase from the cosmetic counters right? That dreaded color shadow and lipstick you will never wear. Well wear it now. You know that 100 shadow palette, with one color you like in it.  Yeah that’s the one. Try some of those. Halloween is the best time to wear those crazy colors you are scared of in real life. Doll up those eyes for a crazy fairy look, add some sparkle to that look. Put on that lip color and rosy up those cheeks. Halloween makeup is supposed to look over the top. So why not try it?

Details– Anyone can go to the Halloween store and buy a costume, its the icing you put on the cake that makes it.. Right? so don’t forget those details. Think of everything that makes that look “that look” and do it. Nail polish, wig or hairstyle, costume or style clothes. Accessories, jewelery and colored theme.

Have fun with any look you choose!

Fall Trends

Trends are nothing more then that. A trend that is seen through out the season is a guide to help you stay on the trendy path. This does not mean you have to change all of our beauty routine. You can simply incorporate one or more of the trends or looks into your existing beauty regimen. The best part about makeup is you can wash it off if you don’t like the look or its too much.

VERY IMPORTANT- You need to have confidence to pull off any look you desire. If you “own” the look then you made it work. Simple huh?? Below are a couple trends this season to help you hit your mark:

Natural colors, natural beauty are all around these trends this season. Nude, almost bare faced makeup. Great skin is always in. Sheer, flawless complexions made visible through sheer light makeup. Lips are very vampy, showing lots of reds and purples. Thick brows. Beef up your brows with a powder shadow close to your brow shade and an angle brush. Or brush your brows in the opposite direction they grow. In the eyes we go from smokey to smolder in metallic colors of copper, bronze and silvers that will really make your eyes pop. Eyeliner creates a classic look this season with either a think line or a very thick line that covers the whole lid. Have fun trying these trend this fall. Remember fall is always a natural calm before the glitter storm or holiday…enjoy

Fall Cleaning

I love to clean out my makeup supplies and give a little Fall Cleaning to my kit when the leaves start to fall.  I put away the bronzers, and my summer tones. And wipe clean all my makeup to get ready for some new looks. This is the outline I like to follow to keep my makeup supplies bacteria and germ free.

1.Wash my makeup brushes. I use a baby shampoo or a brush cleanser (mac makes a good one) remember to rinse hair down in the water stream.

2. Wipe off all powders, shadows, blushes with cotton balls. Take off a layer of color to get to fresh never been use product.

3. Wipe all plastic containers down with alcohol dipped Qtips or alcohol wipes. * Never wet a powder*

4. Purchase 2 new pencil sharpeners, one for eye and one for lip.

5. Purchase new mascara

6. wipe down inside of makeup bags and mirrors.

7. Keep all glitter shadows, powders and brushes used to apply them in a separate makeup bag. Its hard to apply a matte color after you have applied a glitter shadow..

8. I love to organize. I bought a stacking container set and keep my makeup in compartments. One for brushes, one for glitter, one for lipsticks, one for eyes. Its easy to clean and easy to get to instead of digging through a big bin or drawer of makeup.

9. sharpen all pencils.

10. *** One of my favorite end of the season tip.. Make your own gloss. You know that favorite shade you wore all summer but its down to the last bit in the metal. Mix it with your favorite gloss in a small container (from the craft store) mix them together with a lip brush and you have a custom color in a flash. If you have a favorite gloss that is down to the bottom, I mix your favorite lipstick into the tube of gloss and have a gloss on the go.. Two fun ways to make your own blend.



It’s that time of year again.. RED LIP TIME.. I found a couple great new reds for fall and holiday, which is right around the corner. Kate Spade, its bright and bold. I love it.. Mac, powerhouse, a blue red, is also a real winner. Remember if you are going to wear a red lip. Play down your eyes and make your awesome skin an accessory. Make the focus those red hot lips. I find that when I wear a power color like red lips, I like to tone everything else down. Outfit, sleek hair, soft eyes, and then BAM,, Red lips.. Don’t know what red to wear, remember these tips. Darker toned skin wears a orange red best. While a more pale or pink tone complexion wears a blue red best. Remember to line your lips to keep it in place and try it this month. The best thing about makeup is ….. it washes off…

Some great RED’s

Nars, a truered – heat wave $24 , stila – Lover $20, NYX – a blue red- snow white, Mac – lady danger $14.50, Revlon- an orange – Really red $6.00, Buxom gloss – Scarlet apple $18,

Brush Basics

Brushes come in many different fibers, some natural, synthetic, and some are blends of both.  They should feel soft and always be clean.
Brushes are a must to beautiful makeup application.

You need to have some basic information to get started. The Larger the area on the face the larger, fluffier the brush head. The smaller, tighter the brush head the more color impact on the eye or cheek.

Must haves: Large powder brush, Tapered blush brush, Angled small brush for brows or eyeliner, Tapered Blending Brush for crease, Flat fluffy brush for impact shadows, Small shader brush for smudging, and a foundation brush.

Always clean your brushes. Use a brush cleaner or a mild baby shampoo. Always wash them brush head down. Never run them directly under the water. It will loosen the glue and hairs will release. Let them air dry laying flat over counters edge.  Your main goal is to clean, disinfect and condition the brushes.